Statement of Principles

The Christian JuJitsu Association is the home of AUTHENTIC Danzan Ryu JuJitsu: where we maintain the true and ancient tradition. In a nutshell, Danzan Ryu JuJitsu encompasses the Physical, Mental, and SPIRITUAL dimensions. While other organizations, although well meaning, present this system as mere physical techniques, the CJA, based on the “secret teachings ” (“OKUGI”) of Seishiro Okazaki, includes the mental and true spiritual scope of the art. Both Master Okazaki, and his leading student Bud Estes had developed this special aspect of the art, mastering the paranormal skills. Both men were also Christians, and demonstrated the ancient teachings referred to in the Holy Bible as “Gifts of the Spirit”. While always a deeply spiritual man, Okazaki converted late in life to Christianity. Bud Estes lived his entire life as a Christian. There are deep and profound truths to be found in the Bible that are found nowhere else. Approximately 30 % of the Bible is prophetic and all of this prophesy has come to pass, with the exception of those events of the “last days”. While accepting into membership all those who have a profound belief in God, the CJA follows the Christian moral and ethical standards, as professed by Master Okazaki, Bud Estes, Ray Law, Dick Rickerts, and others. What you will learn regarding Danzan Ryu in the CJA is not available anywhere else: IT IS THE TRUE AND AUTHENTIC DANZAN RYU!

For example we are also strong supporters of the family. We believe that the family is the basic unit of civilization which imparts the important values to the children. We will tell you up front that your first obligation is to God, next to family, and then to other matters such as JuJitsu. But because Okazaki embraced this concept, one can find it actively encouraged in Danzan Ryu as taught by the CJA!

We endorse patriotism, and support of the Constitution of the United States of America. Those founders of America, who in many ways were wealthy and powerful men, risked everything they owned, including their lives, to give us our constitution and its freedoms. As a result of this, every one of them lost their homes, farms, money, and in many cases their very lives, and the lives of their families. In order to maintain the freedoms and values we hold so dear in this country, we can ask no less of ourselves! In the early days of Okazaki JuJitsu, all practitioners were deeply patriotic, and a statement to that effect was often included on every application for membership. You will find that statement on the CJA member application!

Master Okazaki was strongly opposed to his students using his arts to take advantage of others, either physically or psychologically. Forty years ago, people who wanted to join one national Danzan Ryu organization, had to swear that they would never violate this principle. They have long since abandoned this. The CJA on the other hand, requires every applicant to affirm that they will use their arts only in self-defense or in another honorable manner (i.e. military service).

The CJA endorses the Code of Bushido: the Samurai warrior code. This code requires such behavior as Loyalty, Honor, Virtue, Politeness, Truthfulness, and Sincerity, among others! What is fascinating is that all of the principles of the Code of Bushido are found in the Holy Bible. These are all principles that God wants us to follow!

Furthermore, the CJA has not defiled Danzan Ryu by changing the basic arts to suit the preferences of the current Professors. While we certainly practice and enjoy variations of techniques (as did Master Okazaki). the foundation arts are left essentially untouched. We also include Okazaki arts that are not currently being taught by other Danzan Ryu organizations, because they don’t like them or for a variety of other reasons.

The CJA does not just give lip service to principles like “Kokua” and others listed above. Unlike some other Danzan Ryu organizations, we “practice what we preach”. We certainly do not claim to be perfect, but guided by the teachings of Christ, and the principles of Bushido, we continue to strive for “perfection of character”.

We invite you to join the CJA. participate in our activities and learn the true depth and extent of Danzan Ryu! Of course we will not reveal the secret teachings indiscriminately, but we will set the foundation for them. If this approach intrigues you, and if you want to learn the whole art of Danzan Ryu, then we invite you to join us on the journey!

Gene Edwards, Prof. Christian JuJitsu Association

Copyright 1997. All rights reserved.