Class Format

Danzan Ryu is the style of Jujitsu that we do and Kodenkan is Okazaki’s school meaning “the school of ancient tradition.”  Senior students are expected to give freely of their time by assisting the junior students in their training.  This allows students to learn in small groups and establishes leadership qualities in the senior students.

A typical 2 hour class in Danzan Ryu begins with warm up exercises and stretching followed by practice with rolls and falls.  The class is then broken into small groups to work on rank appropriate arts.  The class may be regrouped as the evening progresses to practice forms (katas), karate or judo sparring, or for special techniques.  New students are given special attention for the first few classes so as not to feel intimidated and also for the safety of themselves and others.  After the physical work out, students lie down on the mat to practice Okazaki Restorative Therapy.  Any sore or tender spots are tended to by the senior ranks and sensei so that students may go home feeling rejuvenated.

Due to the comprehensive nature of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, students are encouraged to keep and maintain a notebook describing the arts.  As the student progresses through the ranks, the notebook will serve as a reference and may be used to write down notes during class.  Danzan Ryu is one of the hardest classes offered because it stretches students physically, mentally and spiritually.  However, it has been designed in such a way that anyone can participate.  Okazaki prided himself on teaching arts that were so simple and effective, that the smallest defender could thwart the largest aggressor.  As such, women are strongly encouraged to take this class.

When you join Danzan Ryu, you become a part of something bigger–the Danzan Ryu family.  Classes are taught in a non-competitive, friendly atmosphere, where students can interact with their teachers and each other while learning at their own pace.  Every class at the Jujitsu Club is taught in the spirit of Kokua.  “Kokua” is a Hawaiian word meaning a sense of brotherly love and support.  Everyone is there to help each and every student achieve his or her potential both in and out of class.  It is not uncommon for students to meet and become best friends on a Danzan Ryu mat.