Standard Curriculum

The CJA curriculum is based upon the arts studied and passed down by Master Okazaki. Many Danzan Ryu organizations do not teach various aspects of Danzan Ryu because it does not suit them. The CJA curriculum is comprehensive and complete. For example most schools in other Danzan Ryu organizations do not teach the basic restoration Okazaki Restorative Therapy techniques concurrently with their martial cousins. Yet we have photographic proof that Okazaki required his students to learn and practice these techniques routinely after the workouts. As another example, Prof. Ray Law said that Okazaki studied Karate and incorporated it into his system. Prof. Law even taught a couple of basic forms that he said Okazaki taught. These specific arts were lost because they were not passed on. The CJA teaches and requires that all students learn a style of Karate that was being taught at that time in the Islands. It follows in general the format of the original styles developed in Okinawa. In fact the historical record reflects that Okazaki studied Okinawa Te, which was a popular term for the style of Karate from Okinawa. When we visited Prof. Limbago’s JuJitsu class in Hawaii in 1978, they were practicing the exact Kempo forms that we were using. Their Kempo advisor was Simeon Eli, whom we also conferred with. Simeon studied with the Kempo Master, James Mitose, a contemporary of Okazaki in the Islands. Most other Danzan Ryu organizations ignore this aspect of their art. In conclusion, the CJA follows the most comprehensive curriculum; an outline of most of the methods follows:

Basic and Advanced Exercises
Specific Okazaki Exercises: Kowami (21 Methods)
Basic Rolling and Falling (Over 20 Methods)
Basic and Advanced Stances (14)
Randori [Judo] (27 Methods & Techniques)
Advanced Allopathic 1st Aid Methods
Concentration and Breathing Exercises
Okazaki Restorative Therapy
Standard Shiatsu: Points and Methods
Kempo Jitsu (Karate)
Anatomy & Physiology (Western)
Yawara (20 Hand Techniques)
Nage No Kata (20 Throwing Arts)
Shime No Kata (25 Choking & Constriction Arts)
Oku No Kata (25 Advanced Joint Locking Methods)
Advanced Yawara (31 Advanced Hand Methods)
Kiai No Maki (Over 100 Weapons and Kiai Techniques)
Katsu and Kapo (36 Resuscitation Techniques)
Seifukujitsu (52 Oriental Restoration Arts)
Shinen No Maki (36 Black Belt Arts)
Shinyo No Maki (28 Advanced Black Belt Arts)
Shinjin No Maki (36 Master’s Arts)
CMT & OBT Instruction & Certification
Instructional Methods Course
Police Tactics Course (Beg., Int., Adv.)
Sports Injury Course

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