Daniel Baca – Professor – Rokudan

Professor Dan BacaProf. Daniel Baca began studying Danzan Ryu under Professor Gene Edwards in 1994 and received his Shodan at the age of 17 during the 1st CJA Summer Camp. He continued training under Prof. Edwards while attending FVCC. During this time he earned a CJA Kempo Jitsu Shodan, Saffron (instructor) Sash in Tai Chi Ch’uan, completed the 165 hour CJA Okazaki Restoration Certification, Nidan JuJitsu Black Belt plus Sense Certification. Dan graduated from FVCC with Associates Degrees and moved to Missoula to continue his education at the University of Montana. He continued to attend Black Belt classes in Kalispell and ran the Ten Mei Kan dojo with his brother Marcos, eventually taking the dojo over in 2001. He graduated from the U.M., with a B.S. in Mathematics and Astrophysics. He continued his JuJitsu training earning a Sandan and Yodan. Prof. Baca served as the Executive Manager for the CJA twice, from 1998 to 2004 and again from 2008 to 2010. Dan left the Missoula area to attend the University of Colorado, earning a Masters degree in Bioastronautics. In Boulder, Colorado he established the JuJitsu club at the University and opened his dojo, the Sankei Renshujo (Mountain Path Institute). He studied Enshin Karate under AJK champion and founder of Enshin, Kancho Joko Ninomiya and earned his Shodan in 2011. Later that year Dan was promoted to Godan and Professor in DZR by the CJA BOP. He examined for and passed requirements for Rokudan which was awarded in 2017. Dan continues to teach JuJitsu in Littleton, CO. Dan works as a Fault Protection Architect on NASA’s Orion project, which is dedicated to creating the next spacecraft to further human space exploration to the Moon, and eventually to Mars.