The CJA is a private non-profit 501C.3 organization, dedicated to the propagation of true Danzan Ryu JuJitsu. It was established on May 5, 1994, which was coincidentally the international day of prayer. In addition to its martial aspects, Danzan Ryu is deeply spiritual. Following the lead of our founder, Seishiro Okazaki, who converted to Christianity, and the direction provided by the earliest of his students, Danzan Ryu embodies the highest of the Judeo-Christian moral, ethical, and spiritual standards. The highest teachings of Danzan Ryu (Okuji) are hidden within the text of the Holy Bible.

Bud Estes, Master Okazaki’s foremost student, and the only one to merit the title of Kyoshi, revealed in 1974 that due to the egoistic nature of those currently in Danzan Ryu leadership positions, the purity of Danzan Ryu was in jeopardy. He revealed by name and deed those who had turned to deceit, prevarication, larceny, and worse. He predicted the future resurrection of true Danzan Ryu under our leadership. Although deeply disturbed by these revelations, we set them aside for twenty years, until it became clear that Prof. Estes had truly and prophetically spoken.

Today the Christian JuJitsu Association requires the highest standards of behavior, especially for its leadership. Using the Holy Bible, Okazaki’s Esoteric Principles, and the Code of Bushido, as a guide, our path is clear. We actively seek all those who not only want to learn an excellent martial art, but desire to seek the higher truths. Anyone who is willing to set aside their own needs in order to love and serve others, according to the example of Master Okazaki and others, is welcome.

Master Okazaki was a great healer, utilizing Eastern methods of energy movement. This spirit energy is a part of every living being, and when blocked or obstructed can result in illness. Okazaki taught this healing method along side his martial art. Those with the “hands” were trained in advanced healing methods. Everyone who is a member of an accredited CJA club will learn the basics of these methods as they learn the martial art. Advanced training is available for those desiring it. We have a 150 hour entry level course and a 500 hour advanced course; and certify graduates as Certified Okazaki Restorative Therapy Technicians, and Oriental Bodywork Therapists.

Our Black Belt ranking system requires not only development in the physical arts, but moral and spiritual development. Prof. Estes lamented that he had not been specific with this requirement, and instructed us to integrate this at every level of Black Belt. Thus the CJA has very specific standards of achievement at every rank: physical, mental, moral, and spiritual. Black Belts in the CJA are expected to uphold the Okazaki honor as “samurai” in the highest tradition.

The CJA is otherwise a full service national Danzan Ryu JuJitsu organization. We offer training, testing, competition, workshops, rank certification, social interaction, etc. all within the context of the Code of Bushido: Honor, Integrity, Virtue, Loyalty, etc.

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