CJA Summer Clinic Recap – 2008

The CJA summer Clinic was held July 2, 3, & 4.  Actually we could have said it started on June 30, because we started having classes that day, and both Prof. David Hallowell and Jess Green showed up early.  We were especially pleased to have Jess because we have not had a chance to visit with him in about 8 years and he was a great addition to camp.  Jess is a great teacher and a lot of fun. The program was very different this year: much more relaxed and laid back. We had 18 people plus visitors in attendance coming from California, Washington, Colorado, and Montana. The BOD meeting was held on Tuesday July 1st.  Dan Baca was recognized for his valuable assistance for work done for the Okazaki Biographical Research Team. While we had a couple of thunderstorms, we had plenty of room in the dojo, and even ran up to 4 classes at one time.  Special advanced Black Belt classes were held too. Some of the teachers and students of the Tai Chi classes showed up every day to run short classes.  They mostly worked on the form and applications. The emphasis of the Clinic was on promotion requirements and just plain fun. Joe Lentz took his written exam for Shodan and passed it with flying colors.  Advanced Kiai No Maki arts were taught to Black Belts needing them for exams.  Food was plentiful and good.  The snack bar had just about anything you could want 24 hours a day: nutritious snack bars, salad, sandwiches, fresh fruit, fruit drinks, milk, lemonade, cold cereal, waffles, yogurt, bagels, English muffins, Costco muffins (1500 calories ?), hard boiled eggs, etc. etc.  The evening menu and meals were planned and prepared by Tom and Inez Berner and they were excellent.  Lots of positive praise for Tom, Inez, and the meals was heard from campers.  Several people had not seen Kung Fu, the pilot movie, so that was shown on Wed. On Thursday, we showed the video with Prof. Estes teaching Seifukujitsu and variations.  Prof. Edwards had many comments and recollections of the early days with Prof. Estes as the video was being shown. Folks got to hear many things that they had not heard Prof. Edwards talk about before.  Jess and Marcos Baca brought in videos for Friday entertainment.  As always we had great snacks during the movies: berry cheesecake, apple pie, and chocolate chip cookies, all with ice cream.  Austin Berner brought in his large keyboard and entertained folks during campfire time.  He did a great job and had a number of new selections.  Thanks to everyone who helped prepare for the Clinic, especially the students of the Shin Mei Kan. Special thanks to George Lentz who fixed the water pump for the showers. All and all it was a great Clinic: everyone learned a lot and had a great time.