CJA Summer Camp Recap – 2006

The CJA held its annual Summer Camp in Kalispell and it was action packed. It was held earlier this year to avoid the fire danger. We started preparation for the camp several months ahead of time. Then work reached a frenzied state a couple of weeks prior to camp. To give you an idea of some of the tasks required we did the following: cutting grass in all camp sites, fire pit, parking areas, range, etc; cleaning and clearing the deck for tables; cleaning, painting, and setting up the stage; prepping the fire pit area; setting up the fire stations; preparing the rifle/pistol range; arranging for the entertainment; planning the class schedule; selecting the videos; arranging for the porta potties; filling the water tank; painting, repairing, and setting up the showers; obtaining the fireworks; arranging for the pumper fire truck; obtaining the AAU sanction, etc., etc., etc. Special thanks to all the local folks who helped with pre-camp preparation. Thanks also to those who arrived early for camp to help set up.

On Thursday we held our instructor prep meeting, range instruction/safety meeting, and BOD meeting. The gong sounded early the next day to start off the camp at 7am. The opening ceremony was held right after morning meditation and breakfast. We had 5 full days of classes until 6pm daily. Open range was available at lunch and after dinner. During the evening movies there was the usual pie, ice cream, and cookies which the gang scarfed up. The evening programs were excellent beginning Friday night with our “Celebrate America” honoring our military service members and firing off over 140 mortar shells, including many doubles, triples, and quads. Saturday night campfire was very special with Prof. recounting the history of Danzan Ryu from Master Okazaki through Prof. Estes and into the foundation of the Christian JuJitsu Association. David Hallowell and Todd Driver who each have about 25 years of continuous training and service in the DZR were elevated to the Rank of Godan and the Title of Professor. Each was presented with a certificate and a “presentation sword set” in recognition of their achievement.

Sat. night Austin Berner, one of the CJA Blue Belts, entertained us on the keyboard on stage. Sunday evening at campfire we had a local professional group Tra Le Gael, performing Celtic music.

Meals were prepared by our own folk this year, saving us the expense of a cook. Our main chef was Tom Berner, senior Tai Chi Instructor, who prepared the main evening meals. He did an outstanding job as everyone can attest. Lunches were prepared by Cory’s dad, Brad Nauman on a couple of days, Prof. handled one lunch, and Debra Andrews helped with the others, as did David Calabretta. Thanks to you all for a job well done.

Cory Nauman handled the annual CPR/1st Aid class again. The following passed recertification: Joe and Sam Lentz, David Hallowell, Chris Andrews, and Brian Holland. Denise took on the popular Shuriken class which drew a lot of competition throughout the week. The 1st place winner was Marcos Baca, with 2nd going to Chris Andrews, and 3rd to David Williams. A hand clap to all 15 of the fine competitors in this event. We had some unusual classes this year: Ki Games with David Hallowell; JuJitsu Applications of Auto Racing with Jim Snook; Blind Fold Yawara with Denise Driver, etc. All Black Belt classes were run by the “new” Professors (with Prof. Edwards looking on). The pugil stick class was popular too, with the instructor Travis Sienknecht having as much (or more) fun as the students.

Curtis Rehling flew in with Steven Sheppard in his private plane. Steve is an entomologist (bee curious and look it up) and professor at the same Washington university that Curtis is attending to earn his DVM. A man from the past, Jim Indrebo, showed up with his wife Marian and their two boys. The long distance driving award goes to John, Tim, and David who motored from L.A. Brittany and Cory decided to go commercial from L.A. Joe burned pavement from Seattle. David and Brian also flew commercial from No. Cal. Todd and Denise moved to around Boise, so we don’t count the miles from Loma Linda.

A very special exam and promotion were held on Sunday by Marcos Baca for his boy Keegan, who earned his Yellow Belt. Special classes were held throughout camp on Tai Chi Ch’uan Kung Fu. The local instructors, Tom, David, and Ken, all volunteered to take time off from work and teach. The plan was to run an accelerated program for White Sash promotion for those who were interested. The following people passed the written and performance exams and will be promoted to White Sash: Jim Snook, Chris Andrews, Denise Driver, and Brian Holland. They all scored 98% and higher on their exams. Congratulations!

There were some great photos and crazy comments again this year. But we will save some of these for the Divine Light, which Marcos promises will be out in one week. Ha! Check out the photos that were sent to our Webmaster: Trav. Thanks to everyone for a great camp!